Agematsu Town, home of the Kiso cypress.
Situated on the popular old Nakasendo Road, also known as the “Samurai Trail”,
this mountain village, surrounded by refreshing forests, is filled with crystal clear air and water.
Won’t you refresh your mind and body
with a trip to the Kisoji (road, a section of the Nakasendo) in Nagano Prefecture, at the center of Japan?

  The birthplace of forest bathing, Akasawa Natural Recreational Forest. A natural forest of more-than-300-year-old Kiso cypress trees, forming a beautiful and refreshingly scented woodland. A forest railway also runs during the park’s open season.

Overview of Akasawa Natural Recreational Forest Parking Information History of the Kiso Cypress Natural Forest
Seasonal Highlights Akasawa Forest Bathing Event Summer Vacation Event - Tom Sawyer Club Village
Forest Railway Service Information Forest Therapy Access to Akasawa Natural Recreational Forest
Guide to Park Facilities Features of Various Walking Trails  
The flow of the Kiso River has, over the years, carved a unique natural landscape that became a landmark on the Kisoji (a section of the Nakasendo Road). Since ancient times, travelers have paused on their journeys, to take in the famous scenery.

Overview of Nezamenotoko Gorge The Legend of Urashima Walking Map
A Geological Perspective of Nezamenotoko Gorge Guide to Eateries Four Seasons of Landscapes
Agematsu Post Town is situated on the Nakasendo Road, approximately 280 km from Nihonbashi (in Tokyo) and 260 km from Kyoto. Home to five of the “Eight Scenic Spots of Kiso”, the town is popularly known as one of the premier attractions on the Kiso Road. The post town was burned down in repeated large fires, but some vestiges of the old town remain to this day.

The 8 Scenic Spots of Kiso Ichirizuka (Milestones) Kiso Kakehashi Cliff Bridge
Ono Falls Mt. Kisokomagatake in the Evening Sun Traces of the Post Town remain today
The 69 Stations of the Kiso Road    
Towering over the eastern Kiso Valley stands Japan’s largest granite mountain range, the Central Alps’ Mt. Kisokomagatake. Elevation 2,956 m. It is also famous as one of the mountains climbed by the eminent alpinist Walter Weston.
Mt. Kazakoshi is a typical Satoyama (an inhabited mountainous area). The summer winds blowing over the meadow of blady grass is counted among the Eight Scenic Spots of Kiso.

Hiking on Mt. Kisokomagatake A Geological Perspective of the Central Alps Mountain Scenery
Hiking on Mt. Kazakoshi Komagatake Shrine’s Annual Festival “Daidai Kagura” Ina Valley, Komagatake Ropeway
Agematsu Town’s festivals & local Kabuki, Event Information Calendar.

Komagatake Shrine’s Annual Festival “Daidai Kagura” Ogawa Wakamiya Shrine, Dance of Kuzunoha in Shishi (lion) mask  
Omiya Shrine’s Annual Festival Suwa Shrine’s Annual Festival, Agematsu Festival Forest Bathing Event
‘Home of Cypress’ Photo Contest Tom Sawyer Club Village  

The best parts of travelling, personal experiences and the local cuisine.
Allow us to guide you through the accommodations, restaurants, and specialty goods as you explore Agematsu Town and the Kiso area.
This includes information on stores specializing in products unique to Kiso. We hope that items such as high quality perilla oil, essential oils from cypress trees, and wood crafted products, will accompany you, and prove useful, in your travels, and your life.


An access guide for Agematsu Town.

The following list gives access information for each tourist destination.

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The Agematsu Town Tourism Association is located in front of Agematsu Station.
The first floor houses an information center and bus waiting area. Public toilets are also available.
Please stop by on your visit to the Nakasendo.

The following contacts can provide tourist guidance within Agematsu Town.

Additionally, please feel free to use this e-mail form.

 Agematsu Town Tourist Information Center
 Agematsu Town Tourist Information Center
 Agematsu Station Tourist Office
(9:00-16:00, excluding winter)
 Agematsu Town Tourism Association
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