The people of Agematsu Town have preserved their own traditional plays like Kabuki and Shishi Kyogen by passing them down over generations.
Many visitors come to see these plays. Besides this, they also offer a variety of events such as outdoor experiences.

You can search the major events on the Access page.

Event Calendar


‘Home of Cypress’ Agematsu Photo Contest (Year round entry)
A photo contest for images featuring the landscapes or folk cultures of Agematsu Town.
1 grand prize and a few runners-up prizes. You can win a digital camera, for example.
Winter Lantern Festival (In mid-February, in front of Agematsu Station)
A snow statues and ice candles are placed in front of the station, and warm food is offered to visitors.
In 2016, a children’s sumo competition was held on a snow field to cheer for the local sumo wrestler Mitakeumi.
Akasawa Natural Recreational Forest opening and Forest Railway begins operating (From April 29th)
The opening ceremony starts at 9:00. Every year the first service, at 9:30, is free for the first 100 visitors.

Ogawa Wakamiya Shrine, Dance of Kuzunoha in Shishi (lion) mask (Late April)
The Kuzunoha dance is dedicated at the Shima Area Disaster Prevention Center or in the grounds of Ogawa Wakamiya Shrine on the afternoon of the last day of the event.

Komagatake Shrine’s Annual Festival “Daidai Kagura” (May 3rd)
The Daidai Kagura dedication consists of 13 scenes. The spectacular scene of the Tengu dance takes place around noon.

Akasawa Forest Bathing Day in Spring (May 29th)
Regular forest bathing events (twice a year) are specially prepared only for visitors with reservations. For more information and subscriptions, click here.
Magnolia sieboldii blooming at Akasawa (From around June 20th to Mid-July)

Mt. Kisokomagatake Trail Opening Ceremony (3rd Saturday of June)
Summer mountaineering season starts.
Omiya Shrine Annual Festival Shishi Kyogen and Dedicated Kabuki Performances (Mid-July)
Annual summer festival for the Nezame Area, around the end of rainy season.
Kabuki is performed at the community center on the first night.

Summer Festival in the Village of Cypress (Last Saturday of July)
This event starts at noon with a gun salute.
Main event: log pulling competition, Kiso Dance, local produce market, fireworks, etc.

Summer Holiday Outdoor Experience Event
"Tom Sawyer Club Village Kiso & Agematsu" (From late-July to mid-August)
Kiso Dance (On the evening of August 14th in front of Agematsu Station)
Suwa Shrine Annual Festival, Agematsu Festival, Shishi Kyogen & Kabuki Dedication (Early-September)
A rare Shinto festival held in Agematsu Town at the end of summer. Kagura dancers make a procession from Suwa Shrine to Hachimangu where they stay for one night.
They dedicate a Kabuki performance on the first evening, in the grounds of Kanmachi Hachimangu.

Agematsu Photo Contest Entry Closing Date (End of September)
Kasuga Shinmei Shrine Annual Festival (Mid-October)

Akasawa Forest Bathing Fall Event (Early October)

Best time for fall foliage of Akasawa Natural Recreational Forest (Mid- to late October)
Varies each year.
Agematsu Photo Contest Award Ceremony (November 3rd at Agematsu Community Center)

Akasawa Natural Recreational Forest Closes (November 7th)
Best time to see the sunset illuminating Mt. Kisokomagatake (Until March)