Kiso has a variety of traditional local dishes.
You can enjoy soba noodles, pickles, Gohei-mochi (skewered rice cakes), etc.

When on your travels, sample our local food specialties,
prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients from the surrounding fields and mountains.

Restaurants in Agematsu Town

Around Agematsu Station & Agematsu-juku on the Nakasendo Road
Iroha Sushi
Sushi Kurando
Café Caferika

Around Nezamenotoko Gorge on Route 19
Echizenya Soba
Soba Suisha
Curry House Rocky
Nakamura (Website)
Soba Gen
Udon Takeshiro

Around Akasawa Natural Recreational Forest
Restaurant “Seseragi-no-Sato Akasawa”
Akasawa Barbeque House
Café Nagareboshi (Website)

Serves dishes, soups, and salads prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients

Sells homemade sweets and cakes. Eat-in available

Open: Spring to fall in accordance with Akasawa Natural Recreational Forest’s open season.
Forest Tea Room Yoromaika

Gohei-mochi with Perilla sauce, soba, udon, etc
Sells homemade red turnip pickles and miso

Spring: Hobamaki (rice cakes wrapped in magnolia leaves) for sale