The exquisite woodworks represent the traditional local industries of Kiso,
forestry and woodworking, passed down from olden times.
There are also some tasty products made from local vegetables.

Agematsu Town Souvenirs and Specialties

Food Specialties
The main specialties are traditional dishes such as Gohei-mochi (skewered rice cake), Sunki (turnip stems fermented without salt, instead using only lactic-acid bacilli), and Hobamaki (sweets made using red-bean paste wrapped in cakes of kneaded rice flour that are then further bound up in a magnolia leaf), made with fresh seasonal ingredients. In particular, Gohei-mochi ice cream and Doburoku (unrefined sake) taste traditional but innovative, something to try.

Agematsu Town
Specialties Development Center
Gohei-mochi, hobamaki, sunki,
red turnip pickles, miso, Perilla products
Nakamura Gohei-mochi, Gohei-mochi ice cream 0264-52-2183
Echizenya Soba Soba sushi 0264-52-2081
Sakaeya Hoba sushi 0264-52-2252
Momota Shoten Sunki 0264-52-3522
Hokodo Nezame Direct Shop Hobamaki, Soba Manju (Buns) 0264-52-4648
Sawaguchi Inn (Website) Doburoku “Kiichi” 0264-52-3422

Wooden Specialties

Woodwork is the representative industry of Kiso. The woodworks made in Agematsu Town are simple and soft to the touch with a soothing woody fragrance. They are definitely recommended souvenirs.

Woodworks Ikeda Mokuzai (Website) 0264-52-2123
Okekazu (Website) 0264-52-2204
Kobayashi Hegiita (Website) 0264-52-2472
Shitajima Mokko 0264-52-2246
Taue Oketen (Website) 0264-52-3067
Ito Mokkosho 0264-52-3126
Ki-no-ie Horikawa 0264-52-2153
Timbers and Sawing Ikeda Mokuzai (Website) 0264-52-2123
Nomura Mokuzai 0264-52-2417
Kiso Timber Wholesale Market COOP 0264-52-2480
Original Furniture Atelier Yamato(Website) 0264-52-2156

Specialties for Health and Fun

Unique products made in Agematsu Town.
Cypress essential oil, refined via a steam distillation, is made from only Kiso cypress.
You can enjoy the true scent of cypress, popular in aromatherapy or dropped into baths.
Cypress art flowers are excellent works made with thinly shaved cypress.

Hinoki (Cypress) Essential Oil Products  Hinoki Seiko (Website) 0264-52-1020
Hinoki Art Flower Komakusa Work Center 0264-52-5227
Perilla Products Agematsu Town Specialties Development Center  0264-52-1505
Character Goods Yamada Printing (Website) 0264-52-2320