Best for your wellness: Experience of Shinrin-Yoku and Nakasendo walking

The Itinerary

Agematsu Town, located in the southwestern part of Nagano Prefecture, is a post town on Nakasendo trail and has prospered in the forestry industry.
Today, Akasawa Natural Recreation Forest, which was the center of forestry, is popular as the birthplace of forest bathing.
At Nakasendo Walking, you can enjoy beautiful scenery such as the remains of an old post station and the Nezamenotoko Gorge that many travelers visited.
You can enjoy the natural and historical beauty.


Day 1 Nakasendo Walking
From Shinjuku Station to Agematsu Station by train

For more information, Access to Agematsu town
Railway  240min(260km)
Nakasendo histric place

For more information, Nakasendo
Walk  30min(3km)from Agematsu station
Nezamenotoko Gorge

For more information, Nezamenotoko Gorge

Bus or Taxi  10min(5km)from Agematsu station
Stay at a traditional style old house

For more information, Sawaguchi
Day 2 A forest bathing experience among historic Kiso cypress trees
Leaving Agematsu Station

For more information, Akasawa bus
Bus  30min(15km)
Akasawa Forest Railway

For more information, Akasawa Forest Railway
Walk  40min(5km)from end station Maruyamado
Seven walking trails

For more information, Akasawa Natural Recreation Forest


More Infomation

Agematsu Town Tourism Association Tel:0264-52-1133


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